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Ontario Gas Prices Are Set To Drop In One City Tomorrow & Here’s The Best Place To Fill Up

Patrick John Gilson

Ontario gas prices are set to go down again this Friday, but it may only be in one city, leaving the rest of the province twiddling their thumbs in pricey limbo.

According to the latest predictions by Gas Wizard, London will be the sole city to record change on Friday. The region is set to see a decrease of 1 cent, bringing its price down to 167.9 cents per litre.

Before you get too excited, that’s only a difference of about $0.50 total off your average 50-litre tank. It won’t be enough to make London the cheapest place in the province for gas. Peterborough, which currently sits at 165.9 cents per litre, is likely to continue being Ontario’s most affordable place for gas.

Peterborough usually records much cheaper gas than the rest of the province. However, this week’s spike served as something of an equalizer for the province’s energy markets, bringing most southern Ontario cities within a range of about 3 cents.

Oshawa and Cornwall remain tied for second-cheapest, currently offering their residents 166.9 cents per litre, according to Gas Wizard.

The only true outliers are Sudbury and Thunder Bay. The northern cities, notorious for offering annoyingly high gas prices, are set to offer their residents 178.6 and 196.9 cents per litre respectively ahead of the weekend. Yikes!

Pump prices shot up by around 6 cents on Thursday, rising to an average of 168.9 cents per litre for cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Hamilton, Windsor, Niagara and Kingston.

Gas analyst Dan McTeague told Narcity on Tuesday that this week’s gas hikes were linked to a recent decision by the intergovernmental Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day starting in November.

“OPEC proposing to cut oil production finally has energy traders realizing $78 a barrel oil isn’t sustainable,” he said.

Drivers looking to avoid paying the most for gas in the face of these steadily rising rates should try commuting or carpooling until at least the weekend.

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