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Mississauga’s Pearson Airport 15th worst in the world: new report


By Karen Longwell

Pearson Airport has grabbed headlines this summer with some proclaiming it the worst in the world.

But new numbers put Pearson Airport at the 15th worst in the world, according to FlightAware data compiled for Condé Nast. The data shows which international airports had the most cancelled flights from May 27 through July 31.Volume Bar

Earlier this summer, Pearson had most flight delays of any airport in the world at 52 per cent. And former NHL player Ryan Whitney said “Pearson airport is hell on earth.”

But it turns out many airports around the world are struggling to keep up as droves of people return to travel.

The data showed the top international airports for cancellations were in China. But two New York area airports were in the top 10. LaGuardia Airport had 7.4 per cent of its flights cancelled and 27 per cent delayed, placing it seventh of the worlds worst airports.

New Jersey’s Newark Liberty ranked ninth in the globe with 7.2 per cent of summer flights cancelled and 32 per cent of flights delayed.

Pearson Airport still fares much worse for delays — at a whopping 55.8 per cent — but comes below New York for cancellations at 6.5 per cent. This puts Pearson in 15th place in Condé Nast’s rankings.

“Toronto airport has been plagued this summer by staffing and operational issues as it continues to rank high in cancellations and highest or worst in North American major airports for flight delays,” a FlightAware spokesperson told Condé Nast.

Some of the world’s best airports are in Asia. Airports in Ho Chi Minh City,  Bangkok,  Manila, Singapore, Istanbul, Qatar and South Korea’s Jeju were rated as having the lowest percentage of cancellations.

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